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Kindly read the terms and conditions [Legal user agreement] of the educational sourcebook portal (Tellmetut.com) carefully. Tellmetut.com is developed by COOL BUDDY CREATIONS PVT.LTD and managed by COOL BUDDY CREATIONS PVT.LTD Business Links.

If you want to access Tellmetut.com and become a member, you are supposed to read, understand and accept this agreement made between you and Tellmetut mentioning the rules and regulations that a member of the portal should follow.

The usage of products, services and other features offered by Tellmetut are subjected to the terms and conditions. A user is referred to an individual/education institute (legal entity authoritatively represented by a person) who access the portal as free member or a paid member as per the agreement. After the completion of the registration process in Tellmetut, user will be considered as a member.

Tellmetut.com has the rights to modify and update the terms & conditions at anytime without prior notice. Once the changes are made by Tellmetut, you will get a notification mail regarding the same for your knowledge.

If you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of Tellmetut.com while accessing data and other features, you will be terminated by us without notice. User's access to our web portal may also be terminated if any of your activity is against Tellmetut & its subsidiaries, harmful to other users, educational institutes or third parties and disobey local and international laws.

Tellmetut.com has the rights to deny its access of the users or members acceptance in respective to any aspect for protecting our interests. As a user you are agreeing that Tellmetut will not be responsible to you or any third parties for inability to use Tellmetut.com website by accepting the terms and conditions. It may be due to interruption, limited access, changes in any Tellmetut's features, transmission or communication errors or any damage arising while accessing our web portal.

With the acceptance of Tellmetut's terms and conditions, you should not make a copy of any information in our web portal such as website content, design, layout, web font colors, images, videos, databases, concepts derived us and any such information for reproducing, selling, reselling, exploiting for any commercial purposes without written approval from Tellmetut.com or third party content provider in our web portal. You also grant permission to Tellmetut.com for accessing and promoting/advertising all information given by you.

Tellmetut.com cannot assure that personal and education institute information of registered users appropriate as it is a burden to user verification online. Therefore, Tellmetut.com prompts its users to perceive, understand, judge and evaluate the persons they deal with.

Tellmetut.com have control over the data and other information provided by users and third parties but it is not responsible or give assurance for its quality, accuracy, legal aspects and other related things.

Tellmetut.com does not pre-screen the contents posted by users or third parties even though it has the rights to do it. It also does not give any assurance to the users regarding the screening process. It has the rights to monitor data and other features of members sticking to the terms and conditions.

Every member of Tellmetut.com must be aware the messages or information a user receive from other users through our communication systems or from contact information obtained such as E-mail, phone number etc..., is out of our control. Therefore users have to acknowledge that Tellmetut.com cannot take responsibility for those messages, information and consequences arise out of it rather the users themselves are responsible for the same.

If the user provides any false or inappropriate information, Tellmetut has the rights to terminate the registration of users and deny their usage of its features too. If you have registered with Tellmetut as a representative of an education institute, you are supposed to guarantee that you are authorized to bind the respective education institute according to the terms and conditions and must use exact address of the education institute.

After signing up with Tellmetut.com, members will be able to log in to the respective account with their credentials. Members are responsible for all the activities involved and confidential maintenance of their log in credentials (Email, Mobile and OTP). So at the end of each session in Tellmetut, you must log out properly from your account. If you fail to do so, Tellmetut will not be liable for any loss arising out of it.

Tellmetut assures to co-operate fully with governmental authorities and/or injured third parties while investigating about the illegal activities by a user that caused damage to another user (injured third party) data in our web portal. Further if Tellmetut receives request from a government or law enforcement body, an injured third party or as a result of a legal action, it may disclose the identity and contact information of the particular user. It is not liable for damages that occur after that and therefore, users have to agree that they will not bring any action or claim against Tellmetut.com for such disclosure.

Payment conditions

Tellmetut.com has two types of membership such as free (User) and paid (Entity). For obtaining the paid membership benefits, members are required to make payments on yearly basis.

Refund Policy

Entity Membership fee once paid is non-refundable, except when the member's card/internet banking service is charged wrongly either in excess or twice due to technical error.

In such case, the member shall contact us and submit the prescribed 'Refund Application Form' to info@tellmetut.com for further review by our account management team. And in 2-3 business days you will receive an acknowledgement stating that your application has been received in good order and is under processing.

Our review process normally takes up to 10 business days and upon successful validation of your application, we shall transfer the excess amount (less any interest and/or additional bank charges) back to your account.

COOL BUDDY CREATIONS PVT.LTD reserves the full right to modify its pricing structure, discounts, payment conditions and refund policy from time to time at its sole discretion.

Disclaimer of Warranties & Limit of Liability

The contents and other information in Tellmetut.com are compiled carefully but still it denies the responsibility about the accuracy, reliability and quality of the same. There are possibilities to have inaccuracies or typographical errors in the information available in Tellmetut and information may be updated without notice.

Tellmetut.com does not warranty that (i) The educational institute data provided will meet needs of the users (ii) The service will be continuous, timely, secure or faultless (iii) The results of the services used by you will be accurate or reliable (iv) The quality of data and other information that an user obtained through Tellmetut's features and services will meet expectations of the users.

Tellmetut.com does not represent any other websites that users access through this. As those websites are independent from Tellmetut and it has no control over that website's content, users are expected to understand and acknowledge that Tellmetut is not responsible for the contents, products and services made available through such web sites.

The contents of Tellmetut.com are provided as it is available. There is no express (promise clearly stated verbally or in written) or implied (probability of assurances made during certain situation) warranties. All such warranties, conditions, assurances, promises, undertakings and commitments are hereby excluded.

Tellmetut cannot be accountable for the delays or failures or interruption of its content, features or services occurred due to forces beyond reasonable control including but not limited to natural disasters, hardware/software corruption, internet failures/slow internet process, electrical power failures, labour disputes, explosions and any legal actions of Government or courts.

Terms and conditions mentioned here predicts the clear agreement between Tellmetut.com and the user which replaces previous understanding between them. In addition, user agrees that they will not depend upon any assurances that are not mentioned explicitly in terms and conditions.

The sub-headings given in the terms and conditions are only for reference and the meaning of the agreement is not affected in any manner.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction Clause

Terms and conditions are constituted according the Indian laws and regulations. Tellmetut.com and users agrees to abide by the legal proceedings in relation to the terms and conditions.